Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Alan’s Routine”

The current most-hyped TV show on Netflix features Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov a fanatic video game programmer stuck in death loop. The first scene features a somewhat reckless Nadia hugging, waving and smoking marijuana on her 36th birthday.  Soon she gets hit by a car and dies. But then Nadia wakes up at that same birthday party, standing in front of the same bathroom mirror with the same old track playing in the background. She is forced to relive the events of the night until she dies once more. This process repeats itself until, with Alan, Nadia figures out how to stop the deadly loop.

Dead continues to be the best friend of Nadia throughout the 8 episodes. She slips off banisters and dies. She falls into open street grates and dies. She plummets in elevators and dies. She gets attacked by bees and dies.  She burns up in a terrible gas explosion, chokes on chicken bones, and her death continues.

How can Nadia escape her death? Is she immortal? How does it feel about dying over and over again? Is there any end to the loop? You will soon figure it out as the series draws to the end! You will be just as desperate as Nadia understand her circle.

The Russian Doll’s fourth episode is an overnight hit. This new masterpiece has a remarkable casting with Natasha Lyonne who excellently plays the main character, Nadia. Besides, there are other talented masterminds like Charlie Barnett and Greta Lee, who correctly display their magic on a small screen. The mystery of resurrection unfolds as the characters repeat the same actions in the same place with the strangest and the most illuminating tendencies. With each activity, you will see a new of in the future to escape the loop.

 In this regard, the plot is fresh and original, created by the best masterminds, but you don’t need to dig deeper into Einstein’s metaphysics at all! The plot is co-written by Leslye Headland, Jamie Babbit together with Natasha Lyonne herself.

With each passing second on screen, Nadia’s persistent resurrection from death gradually becomes addictive and captivating as this new series itself. The viewers, along with Nadia embark on a crazy endless journey in the heart of a city where the rest of the people are almost asleep. The exciting adventures of Natasha Lyonne are spiced up with Alan’s presence to reflect the intensity of the situation. Other characters play their parts impeccably to support the theory of the Russian Doll.

The previous episode shows Charlie Barnett plays Alan, who is also trapped in a precarious loop like Nadia.  He becomes Nadia’s new comrade in the mystery-solving severe mission. The audience must appreciate his brilliant performance in the plot.  While Nadia is lot disorganized and imperfect, Alan is calm and confronted. He has a pet fish named Boba Fett, plus he appointed a person to take care of his beloved fish too. Besides, his love lives with his girlfriend is stable, unlike Nadia. But Unlike Nadia, his loops starts after a breakup!

Alan is soon heartbroken to discover that Beatrice has been cheating Alan with a professor. In a sudden twist, that professor is the same guy who slept with Nadia previously

 The episode begins with the 10th loop where Nadia goes on to find the homeless shelter and finds the Horse’s shoes.

There will be clear indications that the multiple timelines exist, just like the cases of Alan and Nadia.  But the question remains. Will the versions of Nadia and Alan save each other from the destructive incarnations in separate timelines? Will they be able to repair their damage? What is the connection between them and the seemingly unavoidable deaths?

Logical or not, visible or not, people repeat painful patterns for a reason. For both Nadia and Alan, substance use is one unfortunately effective way for them to avoid introspection, trauma, tenderness, deep feelings, vulnerability, the past, and the unknown.

The crucial connections between Alan and Nadia are more prominent in this episode. Both are simply frightened to look for the answers. Nadia hides her real feelings with food, marijuana, drugs, and alcohol, or sex. They are vulnerable to their uncertain future and apparent death. Logically, one must confront their fears instead of running away from the truth.

What makes the Russian Doll a grand show is that no one can do anything alone in the universe.  Clearly, the writers have put their best in the scripts. Both Alan and Nadia starts formulating new strategies and theories. Both of them resolve their issues with their respective ex-es. Nadia corrects her past mistakes with John, as well as his daughter, Lucy. When they were dating, Nadia was supposed to meet Lucy she did not. She happily planned to give Lucy a book as a gift named the Emily of New Moon. She reveals that Nadia went home with John. However, as a series of unfortunate events, she decides to pick up the book in the early morning which she had left at Ruth’s apartment. Nevertheless, after finding the book, a gas explosion kills both of them.

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Again Nadia meets her friend death when Nadia decides to look for the book at Ruth’s house that night.  Sadly, Ruth shot and killed Nadia, thinking she was a burglar. When Nadia finally decides to come to the party to meet Alan where Nadia tells Alan how worried Nadia is about the circles affected the people in their timelines. Then she approached John at breakfast, she decided to back out for Lucy’s sake.

Nadia and Alan’s first real meeting is clearly not delightful for the audience at all. Alan blames our protagonist Nadia for messing with his loop. She offers a few justifications to the unusual circumstance as to why they are both dying. A new theory emerges.  IS it possible they the same person stuck in a loop?

The episode finishes with the beginning of another loop where the Boba Fett is gone.

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