Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Superiority Complex”

How often do you think about death? For anyone normal human being, the mere thought of dying can easily scare you. But, how does it feel to taste death over and over? For Nadia, this is pretty casual, for she has to relive the night of your death through a countless tragic accident in a seemingly inevitable loop. In the next super hit series of Netflix, the Russian Doll, death becomes the worst nightmare for both Nadia and Alan.

Is it possible to escape death? Are Nadia and Alan immortal? In the end, everything becomes like a frustrating jigsaw puzzle waiting for the audience to solve.

You might have hated the boring theories of physics at your High school. But, the makers of the Russian Doll play with the theories of space and time to create a story that will ever last in the minds of the audience. It seems like they are playing with the theories of Einstein. You will find Nadia, the central character of the Russian Doll embark on this breath-taking journey with Alan to counter her notorious fate.  This show has a remarkable casting with Natasha Lyonne who excellently plays the main character, Nadia. On her 36th birthday, Nadia gets hit by a car and dies. But then Nadia wakes up at that same birthday party, standing in front of the same bathroom. Nadia meets is her death several times, and the whole loop continues. Soon Nadia discovers her ally, Ala, who is stuck with the same problem. However, at the final moment, they are both left with only one plausible way: Learn from past mistakes. This amazing Show on Netflix definitely has brilliant insights to offer to its viewers than any other show.  Each episode bears its own rewards for the audience. The show has entirely constructed plots along with the spectacular performance of the actors.

 The fresh new plot raises a question: Can we change our destiny if it is already set in stone? If yes, can Nadia succeed? Can both Alan and Nadia be together in the very end?

Created by Lyonne alongside comedy great Amy Poehler Leslye Headland, Russian Doll has formulated that gives the current super hit the Russian Doll a different meaning. Unlike many popular Tv series on Netflix, The characters enter the scene abruptly, but each bears their significance in the big picture. Talented masterminds like Charlie Barnett and Greta Lee, who correctly display their magic on a small screen. You will be amazed at how everything fits in theory at the end!

What is genuinely intriguing, the makers juggle with few tricky concepts of metaphysics. If you remember Schrödinger’s Cat equation or mind puzzle, the Russian Doll might amaze you. Can the cat be alive and dead? Can Nadia be alive and dead? Or is Alan and Nadia the same specific person?

Yes, you need to watch the episode over and over again, just like opening the box to find the cat? Are their lives turned to a video game, or they need to match to the equation?

 The episode portrays the crucial connections between Alan and Nadia. Nadia hides her real feelings with food, marijuana, drugs, and alcohol, or sex. Both Alan and Nadia are vulnerable to their uncertain future and apparent death. However, both agree that there must a correct option is chosen to stop the loops.

Both go on figuring out new possibilities. Nadia assumes that Alan’s theory is incorrect. Nadia meets John at a party, where she focuses on fixing the bitter relationship with John.  It turns out that John Had cheated with his wife. Suddenly, Nadia decides meeting John’s daughter and plans to give her a book, the Emily of New Moon. On the other hand, Alan tries to take revenge against Mike, who sleeps with his students. Unfortunately, Alan is killed in a bike accident, and a gas explosion kills Nadia.

She happily planned to give Lucy a book as a gift named the Emily of New Moon. She reveals that Nadia went home with John. However, as a series of unfortunate events, she decides to pick up the book in the early morning which she had left at Ruth’s apartment. Nevertheless, after finding the book, a gas explosion kills both of them.

Again Nadia meets her friend death when Nadia decides to look for the book at Ruth’s house that night.  Sadly, Ruth shot and killed Nadia, thinking she was a burglar. When Nadia finally decides to come to the party to meet Alan, Nadia tells Alan how worried Nadia is about the loops disturbing the people in their timelines.

Meanwhile, Alan tries to avenge Mike. But, he fails terribly. In this episode, they both meet their final death as they die under a falling A/C unit. Hence, their effort to survive the loop goes in vain.

Both Nadia and Alan try to fix the equation. Their terrific combination and creative instincts make them fearless, sly, and witty. Besides, their fast-talking dialogue presents a meticulously wrapped gift to the audience. Thus, you can watch the show multiple times, each time you will discover new facts through the jokes and laughter.

Russian Doll is the most excellent show on earth as the audience regard is as one of the dramatic and thrilling shows of Netflix at this moment. Packed with the perfect balance of comedy and emotion, you will get a mixture of tears and amazing laughter with every episode. Like the rest of the event, the Russian Doll takes you a roller coaster ride to your emotional balance. So take a tight grip and never let go!  Like Nadia, you will surely lose your sanity to keep up with the sudden twists. Each scene and incidence, make you feel the more profound integrity of each character. You can watch the series on Netflix at

You can watch each episode on Netflix. If you did not still watch it, you are surely missing something in life. Do give it a watch if you have not already!

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