Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Reflection”

Which is the best episode of the Russian Doll? Yes, you could easily give the 6th episode the full ratings. Indeed, The Russian Doll seamlessly conveys a flawlessly composed thrill and suspense for the viewers on Netflix. The Russian Doll is the perfect example of what goes beyond our mundane imagination. The cinematography, together with the brilliance of the actors on the screen, will offer you a nerve-racking experience for you.

This extraordinary episode of the Russian Doll does complete justice to the theme of the series and makes you fall in love with the show.

On her 36th birthday, Nadia gets hit by a car and dies. This show has an excellent casting with Natasha Lyonne who excellently plays the main character, Nadia. On her 36th birthday, Nadia gets hit by a car and dies. But then Nadia wakes up at that same birthday party, standing in front of the same bathroom. How strange is that? Surprisingly, Nadia meets her death several times, and the whole loop continues. But then Nadia wakes up at that same birthday party, standing in front of the same bathroom. The entire loop continues.

Each episode has a gift of surprises for its audience. Each episode leaves a clue to the finale. The second episode shows that Nadia had a hard time figuring out the pattern of her death. She mostly identifies that her deaths often happen shortly after her interactions with men. Nadia goes on to resolve the issues with John, plans to meet his daughter. But she fails yet again, she gets killed in a gas explosion. The 6th episode reflects a deep connection between Alan and Nadia. Can Nadia be alive and dead? Or is Alan and Nadia the same specific person?

Yes, the audience definitely needs to watch each episode with utmost concentration over and over again, just like opening the box to find the cat? Are their lives turned to a video game, or they need to match to the equation?

 So which episode is the best? Can I give this episode of Russian Doll six stars? 

But the question remains. Are Alan and Nadia somewhat the same person? Can the Nadia’s rend and Alan’s white create pink? Maybe, yes. Perhaps, no. There is some evidence that you must consider before coming to any conclusion.

At first, Nadia stabs Alan to make sure they are different persons. But she fails miserably. Also, you will encounter the concept of ‘video games.’ Are really stuck in a dangerous video game? Will the loops continue just like the laps continue in a typical game such as Road Rash? I hope one cannot fail but notice their allergic reaction to bees.

Of course, Nadia had suffered terribly, and we all feel sorry for her agonizing history. Created by Lyonne alongside great Amy Poehler Leslye Headland, Russian Doll has formulated to give you shivers. Nadia, the central character, believes she is meant to be alone, without anyone to hold her tightly.

Alan, who comes into the limelight in the third episode, has a strangely similar story and is a reflection of Nadia’s misery. Nadia, who is confused and imperfect, leads a very messy life. On the contrary, Alan had learned to confront his fears.

Needless to say, the plot is a marvelous creation from the talented makers. They display the magic impeccably on screen. It feels like a correct medication and an escape from reality if you want to taste something out of the box. Clearly, the Russian Doll does not follow the old pattern of tradition sitcoms. Undoubtedly, one can regard this series as the most unpredictable and rewarding television series ever.

Despite all the confusions and complications, the Russian Doll is no less any classical hits on TV. For the loyal audience, solving the mystery of each loop becomes a thrilling race against time and space. How delightful is be to find Nadia still at the age of 36 10 years later? Will Alan be the same old himself? The answers get more and more complex as the story proceeds towards the end. 

For many viewers, the Russian Doll presents an intriguing title. But the title delivers its true meaning in Episode 6. Alan’s Boba Fett has disappeared long ago in Episode 4.  You start to encounter fewer people at Nadia’s party, and the bathroom mirror does not exist! Now, how van someone handles such suspense?

This episode of the Russian Doll deals with the real mystery at its peak, they are one secret quest to find out about Alan’s first death. But Alan states that he is unable to recall the memory. So Alan and Nadia go on to investigate Alan’s dreadful encounter. Nadia is on a mission to find the truth with Alan as her companion.  They work together, and Nadia develops a soft spot for Alan. As a result, you can see Nadia’s Malice towards Beatrice.

But soon Nadia lashes out At Alan, changing things within the blink of an eye.

But of course, how can you forget death in the Russian Doll? Have you ever thought of choking on a mere chicken bone? Does the simple idea of a lonely death.

This time Nadia faces her death choking on a chicken bone unable to scream. Alan also faces his same horrific death by being attacked by a swarm of bees. The scene ends with Nadia apologizing to Alan. The Russian Doll is the perfect show to watch with your dear and near ones at Netflix: Do don’t miss this show at any cost!

Every one of the three actors smoothly sparkles their brilliance in their respective scene. The lively acting of the actors reflects the connections start getting dark and more profound.  Through the spinning of events, the puzzle gets more complex and wickedly smart for anyone to comprehend. Both of their first deaths are connected. You will be gazing with amusement when they find out that Allan’s death was a suicide.

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