Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “The Way Out”

At present, the Russian Doll is indeed the flawlessly composed Tv series on Netflix. The awkward humor and the authenticity of the show make the Russian Doll the best series till date. 

 This series of the Russian Doll is an excellent blend of imagination and cutting edge film that results in nothing but perfection.  This piece of art has been created by Lyonne alongside comedy great Amy Poehler , Leslye Headland. Along with the famous Lyonne, Russian Doll features top-rated actors of the silver screen including Greta Lee as Maxine, Nadia’s friend; Yul Vazquez as John Reyes, a real estate agent, and Nadia’s ex-boyfriend; and the legendary Elizabeth Ashley as a therapist and close family friend Ruth Brenner. Lastly, Charlie Barnett plays the vital role of ALnwho suffers the same fate. The show also stars Dascha Polanco, Burt Young, and Chloë Sevigny.  Their performances contribute to the final theme of the series.

With each 25 minutes episode, the Russian Doll the fantastic mixture of the brilliant cast and an intricate story make you rematch it.

Russian Doll’s 8 episodes continue to keep us hooked as Nadia steps out on her 36th birthday at a loft party on Lower East Side. Nadia goes to search for her missing cat and gets hit by a taxi. However, she wakes up right back in the bathroom at her birthday party. She enters an unusual loop where she dies and wakes up again in the same bathroom. Later in the series, she meets Alan, who becomes her companion in the journey. 

This particular episode takes a flashback to Nadia’s past. She had suppressed her agony deep in her heart. The new chapter begins with Nadia with her mother.  Nadia is seen stealing a watermelon.  The scene at this point is very crucial for the storyline, as it clearly indicates Nadia’s mom led a carefree life just like adult Nadia.  The discrete storyline of the Russian Doll follows the principals of space, time, and intersecting timelines.  The nerve-racking essence of the original plot is felt here, as the monstrous memories start haunting Nadia. In the wake of memories, she pauses for some time to gather courage before proceeding with the secret is she longing to solve.  

Can Alan and Nadia solve the riddle? Will she survive the loop?

The audience starts feeling depressed, Nadia seeks the valuable assistance of Alan to solve her speculations. With insignificant time and constants deaths, the audience can feel the rush and tension successfully.

While the audience holds their breaths, both Nadia and Alan enter another loop.  As stated in the previous episode, Nadia had seen Alan coming suicide in his first death. Could Nadia have stooped the circles if she intervened? Also, could Alan have stopped Nadia from being bit by the taxi that very night?

Yes, the bug is already there in the code.  The grandeur of the plot is how genuinely the makers demonstrate their creativity on screen. Someone who hates physics can easily comprehend the seriousness of the whole fiasco. Admittedly, the audience will cherries the series of the Russian Doll, and how the progression of usual events can destroy everything.

This episode shows Nadia’s deep feeling for her mother. The past few events say that her mother passed away due to some mental sickness at the very same age, Nadia entered the loop. But things that getting out of control when her past memories haunt the adult, Nadia.

As soon as Nadia encounters her younger self, she faces her death. First, she has a seizure, followed by an asthma attack. At another point, she collapses in the deli. Remember, the bug is still there in the system.

The brilliant performance by Charlie Barnett will surely land a few Emmy’s for him. Nadia’s confusion with John’s daughter continues to amaze the audience. In the previous episode, Nadia meets John at a party, where she focuses on fixing the bitter relationship with John. She fails at her attempt.  It turns out that John Had cheated with his wife. Suddenly, Nadia decides meeting John’s daughter and plans to give her a book, the Emily of New Moon.  But she again dies. Now the mirror in Max’s bathroom bothers Nadia. Is it the same mirror she broke when she was young?

The audience can collect many precious pieces of puzzles form the flashback. You can see the watermelon which was also seen earlier in the series. All that matters is her burning desire to love? But is there any way out?

With the sudden plot twists, you can easily regard the Russian Doll as the best thriller TV series. You are compelled to stay hooked for infinite seasons.

From the very first moment, The Russian Doll has been attracting audiences who reviewed it as the Best series of 2019. Beware, with each episode, you definitely get too addicted to it.

The series is about intersecting timelines and loops and features Alan and Nadia. They are in a constant process of dying and being alive again. How phenomenal is that? Well, the craftsmanship on-screen build an intense emotional

The episode ends with a thought about how mysteries things exist in this modern world. What makes the Russian Doll a must-watch is the new concepts in this futuristic world where time can exploit anything. This series enlightens us to question the theories of physics, which most of us hate din high school. The possibilities and extents of physics in our lives are endless. It is absolutely astounding how the creators of the series come with ideas so brilliant that is absolutely astonishing. I can guarantee that each episode will leave you awestruck. You can watch the series right away at Netflix at

Each piece of the puzzle will blow your senses.

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