Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Adriadne”

The famous Tv series of Netflix, the Russian Doll is all about life and death, death, and death. The Russian Doll is undoubtedly the first spellbound TV series hit of 2019. Created by Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler and the central character of the series, Natasha Lyonne, the show story of a party girl named Nadia. She is stuck in an unusual stubborn loop where she keeps experiencing her death on the same night repeatedly. The series continues to keep us hooked as Nadia steps out as if nothing happened. However, she continually finds herself killed.  The central part of the series involves the story of a party girl named Nadia. She is stuck in an unusual stubborn loop where she keeps experiencing her death on the same night repeatedly. She steps out as if nothing happened. However, she continually finds her killed. From Happy Death Day and The Butterfly Effect right through to Groundhog Day, this concept of reliving the same day is something entirely new for the Netflix viewers. Thankfully, Russian Doll cast and crew tried their level best to make this concept feel surprisingly fresh for the loyal audience of Netflix.

What makes the Russian Doll one of the most refreshing show is that the show naturally draws a picture of an imperfect Nadia who is messed-up in an unusual situation. The current ravishing show depicts the figure a woman fighting against surreally difficult task — her death, always! — To regain a piece of herself. Nadia finds out Alan, who has been living and repeatedly dying just like Nadia. Nadia soon discovers that she has a lesson to learn from this mere random stranger.

The Russian Doll amazingly reveals fresh insights. Each episode is worth admiring for different for many reasons, and each chapter offers its magic. Let us all take a moment and appreciate how well all the puzzle comes together to portray the same picture at the end. Hats off to Headland, Lyonne, and Poehler told their story in eight episodes in 30 minutes. As they say, great things come in small packages, and this marvelous Russian Doll is no different. Chapter 8 comes to a clever twist where Nadia and Alan find themselves involved in a romantic relationship.  Can Alan and Nadia be together forever despite the challenges of their lives?  Both Nadia and Alan suffer the same fate of constants deaths. Soon they become each other’s support, and Nadia finds herself facing the bitter truth. Eventually, Nadia and Alan learn to heal their broken hearts. The series takes an unexpected turn the audience keeps wondering if Alan saves Nadia?

At the start of this devastating last episode, the viewers can feel a little relieved as things get back to normal. You can find the old fish Boba Fett, the ring reappears magically, and all the people are at Max’s party. 

However, the plot gets more confusing and breath-taking when both their timelines meet.  There is again the miraculous intersecting of the notorious loop where both Nadia and Alan meet at the very first night.

 Here, astoundingly Nadia stops Alan from killing himself. Also, Alan prevents Nadia from getting hit by a car in the street. Therefore, the mission is accomplished. They have gracefully saved each other!

How the sudden changes in plot take place is still vague to most of the viewers, but now the center of attention is on Oatmeal, the bodega cat

The show becomes more and more intense as the show reveals that all of a sudden Nadia completely forgets who Alan is.

Solving the loops seems easy? Convincing a Nadia not to go home with Mike looks easy?  Not easy, impossible. Persuading a desperate Alan, not to self-harm seems easy? The answer is the same, impossible.

The skill of convincing the audience is a smart piece of art which all the cast throughout the series has mastered seamlessly. Things are about to fall apart when they have no option but to save each other.

With sheer surprise, Alan discovers the way to rescue Nadia. A mere numerical figure of common digits becomes his weapon. From the previous episode, Nadia confesses Alan that her unique coin is worth $150,780.86. Fortunately, this is a number which he memorized.

Meanwhile, there is again overlapping of loops as Alan meets a sloshed Alan. Devastated by constant failures, Alan ends up losing is hope. At the same time, Nadia decides to save Alan. Likewise, Alan prevents Nadia from going to the street. They end up spending quality time together, where Nadia mentions the death wish.

A very heart-warming conversation follows:

“You promise me I’ll be happy?” he asks.

“No. However, I can promise you, and you will never be alone,” Nadia replies.

As previously mentioned, the Russian Doll is a well-constructed series with equal parts of laughter as well as sorrow. You are guaranteed to enjoy the moment of pure joy. Similarly, be prepared to witness tears rolling down your cheeks are the episode proceeds. How is it possible? How did Alan and Nadia end up there finally? All thanks to the incredible thinking of the writers and brilliant implementations of the actors. This spectacular work by Natasha Lyonne might bring her a few Oscars home.

The most excellent show of Netflix ends on a warm note, with both Nadias and Alan reuniting.  Does the ending bombard the mind of the viewers with numerous questions? Do they continue to be together? This unusually strange ending is somewhat left ambiguous. Have both Alan and Nadia escaped the horrendous maze of the loops? Will they again wake up in their bathrooms? Well, the answer is still unclear. Alternatively, are they separated by the brutal destiny? You can watch the whole series at Netflix:

Nevertheless, the stubborn loop continues both happy and unhappy Alans and Nadias. The writers here convey an essential message to its audience. You must learn to survive and thrive through Nadia and Alan. What else could be perfect than this?

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