Best Short Films on YouTube

9 Best Short Films on YouTube to Watch in 2019!

A short film is any film which is not long enough to be granted as a film. No consensus exists as to where that limitation is illustrated. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says a short film as “an original motion picture that has a running time of forty minutes or less.” The term featurette originally applied to a film longer than a short subject, however more concise than a proper feature film.

The term short subject means approximately the same thing. It has more of a concept that the film is shown as a part of representation along with a proper feature film. Short is an abbreviation for either term. Short films can be professional or can be amateur. Short films are often screened at national, or international film festivals.

Short films are usually made by independent filmmakers for non-profit, either with a limited budget, or without any budget, and with a few times big budgets. Short films are generally funded by the film industry, non-profit organizations, and sponsor. These films are used by indie directors to show their talent to raise funding for future films from private investors, the entertainment sector, or film studios. 

Short Films Are often personal and innovative. By keeping the advantages of the short film, we make a list of best short films on YouTube.

#1. Alternative Math

The film was quite amusing. It also shows a possible reason why math is so severely taught, why teachers are not respected and why the whole system has become a popularity vote where professionalism and good teaching are marginalized to get good marks in narrow trivial testing. You will love it. It is an excellent satire of our current attitudes towards science and our war on education and educators. The actors that played the parents did an outstanding job, along with the teacher and the principal. After seeing it, you would love to know more about the film the budget, where it was made, what camera are you filmed on, etc. As far as a short film goes, it is very well done, and they should consider expanding it and possibly making it into a feature film. That is why the list of best short films on YouTube starts with Alternative math

#2. Alone

Stories about the apocalypse have been a popular sub-genre within the realm of science fiction. Nowadays, there have been a lot of television shows and motion pictures that tell about the end-times, such as The Last Man on Earth, The 100, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and The Hunger Games series. In truth, writers have been speculating what the downfall of humanity would be ever since the 13th century with the first-ever theological novel, Theologus Autodidactus by the Arabic physician, Ibn al-Nafis. Apocalyptic fiction has long been an outlet for our fears of our inevitable demise at the hands of the same forces that have wiped out most of the species that have lived on this planet. However, one aspect that authors seem to focus on is how the survivors react to the end of the world. The isolation that these individuals must endure makes for new story material. The list of best short films on YouTube cannot be fulfill without this.

#3. The Most Beautiful Thing

The most beautiful thing (2012) is a short film that is loosely based around the idea of dealing with a disability. The disability portrayed being deaf, and the struggle faced. We see a boy and girl connecting despite the girl’s disability. I have looked at this short film in my research into codes and conventions, I have decided to look at it in more depth as I feel it will be beneficial as this short film is going to portray a similar theme. The plot twist in this film is also based around the fact that she turns out to be disabled, this is very similar to the plot twist the director plans to have in his film, although in this short film the plot twist is going to be at the end. This short film is 10 minutes long and is, therefore, a lot longer than my film will be (around 5 minutes).

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#4. Post-It

“Post It” is the perfect film after a long, stressful, busy workday. And the right choice in depression. Because it could be defined as a motivational short film. But he is not one of those films. It is the kick to discover life. In an almost crazy manner. To give a gift, to say a word, to describe, to live. And, scene by scene, it becomes more beautiful. And refreshing. Like a spring afternoon. So, a film who must see. For the images and actors and an excellent inspired director. And for a story. Who has many chances to become your story? To find the answer, you must have to watch the short film.

#5. The Call

Are you an emotional person? The short film I am talking about is going to make you sensitive even you are the hardest person in the world. This Short film is all about a call. A call between a father and daughter. During the call, you can feel the deep and emotional relationship between them. Due to a shocking incidence, the call gets a sudden turn, which unfortunately had to suffer a lot of families all over the world.

#6. Never Give Up

Do you like inspirational film? Never Give Up is an inspirational, short film that focuses on a man who is suffering from a partial disability in his legs. The film explores a person’s struggle and his capability to match with his limitations. Emotional bonding with this character is what makes this film, so heart gripping. Never Give Up is a story of self-determination. No matter what life throws at you, fight for your dreams. Greatness is not just for a chosen few, and importance is for everybody. Watch this to have some motivation in your life. So we included it in the list of best short films on YouTube.

#7. Project Smile

By reading the name, you already know this short film is all about smile. A little smile can convert everyone’s day in a much better way. In this short film, we tried to bring an essential but ignored idea to the people, which is, “Be positive and make other people smile as smile something that will come back to you!” We think “Project Smile” helps you out to make your day better and get the motivation to spread optimism all over the world. It is written and produced by Robert Pretschner and Said, Wali. A mandatory item in the list of best short films on YouTube.

#8. Identity

Identity is a short film directed by KJ Adames. The short film shows the dominant cultural norms of identity and the self, and beautifully stylized, suggests we be ourselves instead of trying to conform to those rules. Everyone wears a mask, even the teachers. The central character, the girl, already wears a distinctive, Venetian styled, cover, and later takes it off because it spoiled, causing quite a stir. In the meantime, the message of this short is admirable, I do not think it will have any effect. All of us knows you should be yourself, but rarely anyone does it. In psychology, it’s an accepted theory that it’s part of human group behavior to behave differently with different people. It’s just how our brains are wired, and moreover, we humans are way too susceptible and sensitive to extreme values and rules in our wish to “belong” to actually “be ourselves.” I think we often forget, though, that “being yourself” is a cultural construct on its own and has its meanings and societal expectations.

#9. The Desk

The Desk is a short romantic-mystery film directed by Albert Gonzalez. It follows the story of a young teenage boy, Peter, who has joined a new high school. The story explores the rough patches that travel with him throughout the first couple of weeks until he confides his feelings by writing messages on his desk, to a mystery girl named Julie, whom he has never met. However, although having not met her, he continues writing to her until he decides to ask her what class she is in so they can arrange to meet up. As he gets up to leave a message magically fades in on the desk from Julia claiming that she is in the same class as him. Peter is shocked and falls off his chair, scared. Despite this, he still messages her, finding joy in their conversations. Towards the end of the film, a new girl called Julie joins his class. She smiles at Peter and sits behind him. She then passes him a note asking him whether they have met before and they both smile at each other. The question remains whether Julie is a ghost or real.

Short films are less expensive than feature films and are not expected to make much in the way of financial returns. It means that investors are far more willing to invest in films that aim to be more experimental and challenging. It allows filmmakers to experiment far more to find their style. The list of short films above is just a small portion of excellent short films. Hopefully, you will like them.

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