Staci Keanan: 8 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

An actress that has gone missing in action and has left everyone wondering wild thing, Staci Keanan has risen to fame in the late 80s and the again during 90s. If you watched enough American television back in the day, then you would have spotted her in roles in TV series My Two Dads and Step by Step.  She has always had active participation in the film as well as television series. Staci Keanan has been an incredible child actor during the time she was active. Unlike most child actors that crash or simply turn out as spoiled by fame, Staci has made herself come out neat through her acting career. While Staci Keanan didn’t break as a child, she had some achievement as an adult actress too, though she’s been highly inconspicuous since the year 1998. While most of the young girls were moving through those difficult years of developing up attempting to discover themselves, Staci Keanan was creating a significant break in the film industry. Then she’d follow her adolescent fame with a nice ride on the Step-by-Step show. However, soon after Step-by-Step had finished, Keanan had been out of the headlines for any more than a decade — finally back in 2010.

So what has Staci Keanan up to in her life? Find out below as we list everything about Staci Keanan-past and present.

1. Birthday and family

Staci Keanan was born on June 6th, 1975 in a census-designated place called Devon located in the township of Pennsylvania of United States. She is the other daughter of parents Irv Sagorsky and Jacqueline. Her father, Irv, was a car salesman at the time they lived together. Staci Keanan has a sister named Pilar.

2. Is Staci her real name?

You would be surprised to know the name she goes by officially. Staci Keanan is just one of her stages names that she has taken on. The other stage name that she is often associated with is Staci Love. But none of these stage names is anything like her real official name, which is very different from the name Staci Keanan. On official purpose, Staci is addressed with the name Anastasia Love Sagorsky. See, told you we weren’t kidding when we said her official name nothing related to the name Staci Keanan.

3. Acting career

At just the age of 5, Staci Keanan started working as a model and has appeared on radio, print and television ads. Some of the brands that she has worked for would involve Burger King and Hershey Kisses. During her teenage years, Keanan and her mother, along with her sister, moved to New York City. In NYC, Keanan adopted a stage name Staci Love and started performing in a renowned theater there named Summer Stock. During the year 1987, Keanan made her first-ever serious television debut with her role in I’ll Take Manhattan. After the 1990s, Staci was rarely seen in the show biz and appeared a few countable times on short films.

4. Los Angeles Life

When Staci Keanan was only 12 years old, she and her family moved once again this time to Los Angeles where she was exposed to bright opportunities. She then got into the cast of My Two Dads with the role of Nicole Bradford. Later she co-starred in another hit TV series Going Places in the sets of which she got to work with talented cast members like Alan Ruck, Hallie, and Todd Heather Locklear. In a TV series called Step by Step that aired from 1991 to 1998, Staci who had changed the name to Stacy starred as Dana Foster. 

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5. The Attorney Life

After Staci Keanan decided that she wants to pursue a path other than acting, she got admitted into UCLA. She attended Southwestern Law School after completion of which she got admitted to the State Bar of California in the year 2013. She practices law in Los Angeles currently and doesn’t go by the name Staci Keanan either. She is more officially known by her given name, Anastasia Sagorsky. The small shift in the pronunciation of her name is probably to make legal papers look more mature and competent. It is not apparent what kind of law Keanan is exercising, but it is evident that she has been successful enough that she’s not seriously pursuing a job as an actress. It should also be mentioned that she still receives an occasional engaged gig role once in a while which she engaged in.

6. Personal aspects

Well, Staci Keanan hasn’t been very transparent about her private matters, but we’ve still been able to figure out some exciting information about this influential retired actress and now a lawyer. If you were wondering if Staci was seeing someone, well, Staci has been engaged to the producer and actor Guy Birtwhistle since February 11th, 2017; however, there is no word if the pair has kids or not. She keeps her personal matters a lot personal to herself. Staci is not involved on social media sites either as a result of which she scarcely updates followers about her private life except on Twitter, where she has only over 1,000 supporters. It could be most possibly because she is a hardworking woman who focuses mainly on her family and career.

7. Net Worth

Staci was involved as an actress from the early ‘ the 80s to 2012, during the period of which she featured in more than 20 films and TV series, all of which incorporated to her wealth and power. She’s a lawyer now, and this has too contributed to her personal value as well. So one might wonder how much an actor turned attorney is worth of. Well, we are here to answer you exactly that. As reported by sources, Staci Keanan has a net worth of $1 million, which is only supposed to increase with time with her involvement in the legal court. Her law career is still on the verge of blooming so patience is all we can count on.

8. Physique

Staci Keanan has a quite unique physique herself that fits her well. Well, if you were wondering, Staci is 5 ft 3 inches, while she averages about 112lbs. Her essential figure stats are 33-22-33 inches. Additionally, she has perfect blonde silky hair that fits pretty seamlessly with her blue shade of glazed eyes.

With that last fact being mentioned, we end our well-crafted facts list down on former actress Staci Keanan who is now a growing attorney. Hope you had some insightful takeaways from this one.

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