11 Best Thanos Action Figures to Buy in 2020!

“I thought by eliminating half of life, and the other half would thrive. But you’ve shown me, that’s impossible. As long as some remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”


Thanos was a Titan genocidal warlord whose main goal was to bring the universe stability. Because he believed its massive population would inevitably use up the universe’s entire supply of resources and condemn it. Thanos set about tracking the Infinity Stones to complete this goal, as the combined might wipe out half of the universe. Thanos formed partnerships to track down some of the Stones with Loki and Ronan the Accuser. Both contracts, however, cost Thanos a lot of his assets, including the Mind Stone and his daughters ‘ allegiance, Gamora and Nebula. Thanos compelled Eitrito to build the Infinity Gauntlet for him, fed up with all his subordinates’ ongoing mistakes. In the meantime, Thanos had opted to seek out the location of the six Infinity Stones himself. Thanos is the ‘Grand-Villain’ in the MCU. What makes him attractive is that he is not doing a criminal act. His ultimate plan is to save the universe from chaos and wants every planet to flourish. Though his crazy plan includes wiping half of the population, yet it is useful in a very long run. As a result, despite being a villain, Thanos has his fan base. For them, we created a list of best Thanos action figure.

List of Thanos Action Figure

#1.  Thanos with Titan Hero Power FX Port Marvel Infinity War Titan Hero Series

It is one of the best figures of Thanos for the price. Great details front and back, the paintwork is on point, and the size is considerable. This figure features a port for the Titan Hero Power FX pack ((not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Power FX figures). So, when kids connect the package, they can power up their figure and activate character-specific sounds and phrases from Avengers: Infinity War. So, we include this in the list of best Thanos action figure.

#2. Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Action Figure DIAMOND SELECT TOYS [Avengers: Infinity War]

Another home run for the row selected for the marvel diamond. As always, a prominent figure of strong quality. Looks fantastic and good to show. The only thing that is missing from this particular figure is accessories. However, Thanos did not even had that many. The interchangeable heads are cool, and it looks fairly flawless to the infinity gauntlet.

#3. Diamond Select Toys Marvel Thanos Action Figure

This action figure is a Diamond Select Release. Thanos, Titan’s “Mad God,” may be best known for his willingness to please his dark mistress, Death’s human embodiment. He has demolished innumerable worlds in her name and snuffed millions of lives out.  With the cosmically charged Infinity Gauntlet in his grasp, Thanos almost wiped out every living being in the universe, and would have been successful if not for the intervention of some of the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe! This action figure has 14 points of articulation, and the Thanos figure is a detailed representation of the evil legend, complete with a removable “Infinity Gauntlet” and a scale unarticulated Death figure. The best Thanos action figure cannot be completed without this figure.

#4. Avengers Marvel Endgame Warrior Thanos Deluxe Figure

This 6-inch figure features a design inspired by Thanos’ appearance in Avengers: Endgame, with multiple points of articulation and a character-inspired accessory. This Marvel Avengers: Endgame Warrior Thanos deluxe figure lets kids imagine Avengers action as the wielder of the Infinity gauntlet seeks to reshape the universe. Sculpt of the figure is fantastic and very detailed. If you want an inexpensive Thanos to go with your action figure, this one is an outstanding figure.

#5. Funko POP Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – Thanos

Excellent Thanos Funko pop! Perfect for Thanos fans like myself! Definitely would recommend buying this. Both the box and figurine arrived in perfect condition. He stands up on his own and is a little bit bigger than the regular-sized funk pops. Excellent addition to the collection!

#6. Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Thanos Avengers: Infinity War Action Figure

Extraordinary figure if you can find him for under $100 which is probably not likely. Sculpt of the figure and color detailing is excellent, which is what you’d expect from SHF. Joints are good, meaning nothing is loose. The Gauntlet glove is nicely painted. Very articulated as it should be. However, his arms and neck aren’t painted because his head sculpts are. It’s a little bit noticeable. On the other than that, you will be happy and lucky to have got him for $80. The quality is excellent as well.

#7. Marvel Universe Series 5 Action Figure Thanos 3.75 Inch

This figure may only have a couple of colors on him, but the detail they put into it makes this look a lot better. The shading was very well done. He’s a cool looking figure and will look well going up against other MU characters. The usual articulation from the line is there so it can provide lots of fun as a toy.

#8. NEWNESS WORLD 13 inch The Avengers Figures Thanos

Handicrafts are handmade, beautiful, simple, and fashionable. Bright colors and cute outward attract people’s attention. Doing well in details to bring you fun! An excellent gift for your friends. You can also buy it for your wife/lover. It has excellent articulation and design.

#9. Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Thanos 1/6 Scale Figure

It is an action figure with great design. It comes with a thick cardboard box to hold the figure. It has fantastic leg and arms articulation with 360-degree rotation in shoulders. Moreover, it has detailed armor with scruff marks. If you notice its eyes, you can see the amazingly detailed sights. This action figure has bright LED light, but they are in horrible locations. The action figure can swivel the head left and right. Lastly, it has a detailed face sculpt.

#10. Marvel Avengers Super Heroes – Thanos Mini Figure with Handmade LED Infinity Gauntlet

 Handmade with compatible bricks, this Thanos Mini-figure comes with high quality, as seen in the movie LED light Up Infinity gauntlet that’s handmade to just like the real deal from Infinity War! It’s truly one of a kind and makes the perfect addition to any superhero figure set. The infinity stone gauntlet is carefully designed to look just like from the movie and features six stones that light up when you connect it to the battery. It offers countless hours of fun and can be used as a piece of décor as well! This superhero figure of Thanos with gauntlet lets you quickly light up the six gems using the LR44 Battery Brick or the USB wire to keep it lit up on the display while being compact and unobtrusive to ensure hassle-free use. Looking for an excellent gift for friends or family that are big fans of Marvel movies? If yes, then you’ve found it! This Thanos figure with LED Light Infinity Gauntlet makes the perfect gift for every occasion including birthdays, holidays and more!

#11. Iron Studios Thanos Statue BDS Art Scale 1/10th Scale Avengers Infinity War Gauntlet LED Light

Incredible piece to my collection. We highly recommend this collectible if you can manage your budget for it. Design is insane, and the paint job is near perfect. Worth every penny.

Every action figure we mention at the list has different qualities. Some are suitable for kids, and some are suitable for teenagers. These figures will make every Thanos fans crazy. Now, do not waste any more time, and choose your best option from the list of best Thanos action figure.

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