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10 Best Thriller Short films to Watch in 2019!

Since the beginning of time, the human race has been accustomed to doing things in a way that instills in them a sense of excitement ringing with fear. As to why we behave so is unknown but from this very behavior roots the longing to face challenging things that are naturally thrilling. And since committing to real life challenging thrills might get us in some undesirable and unavoidable situations, we humans have developed great alternatives to it. The era of thrilling short films is bound to last, indulging in thrilling movies are a convenient way for experiencing challenging situations.

When thriller and short films combine they become the most convenient way any working person be it, student or employee, enabling them to watch thrillers in the minimal time that is available to them. Thrillers come in as simple but further, develop into terrifying experiences as we watch on. As short films add essence to the career of a blooming writer and director, we must ensure that we are contributing to their successes with just a few clicks on the internet. Making these short films recognized doesn’t require us to pay for them; in fact, it is just a matter of some online activity regarding the films, to make them boom.

Keeping in mind our agenda to popularize short films across the globe, we bring to you the top 10 best thriller short films that we love.

1. Oh What a Wonderful Feeling

Released in 2016, “Oh what a wonderful feeling” is a Canadian thriller short film directed by François Jaros. A 15-minute long film that simply portrays a story of a young woman amidst an uneasy road and an unsettling environment as a whole. Very less is spoken, and more is conveyed through the story with the means of non-verbal communication. Most of the experimental movies such as this one is still of the same kind, a little unusual and unreal, yet you can’t stop watching it. Most of what is seen in the movie are the impacts of everything that has been done out of our sight. According to Jaros, as said in an interview “to have the narrative just outside of the frame; to suggest that there’s a bigger world, a bigger thing and something maybe meaner, more strange happening” is why you will enjoy this film enough to consider it one of the best thriller short films.

2. R’ha

R’ha is a 6-minute long film that got its release in 2013 and was Written and directed by Kaleb Lachowski. Why this needs more attention is because it’s a stunning film, all made a young German university student, Kaleb who took on this film as a solo university project. A good response was received in this short film. R’ha is a film that primarily depicts aliens as protagonists being tortured and tormented by machines that they once create, unlike cliché post-apocalyptic world with human as victims. With great visuals as well as spot-on sound effects, R’ha won’t disappoint you. As a science fiction, as it is just like most sci-fi films. In terms of the sound film has taken an entirely different depth, thanks to the excellent work of sound designer Harmut Zeller. The excellence of this film has attracted Rick McCallum, former Star Wars producer now plans to develop R’ha into a full-length feature film.

3. The offering

Using inspiration from the story of Abraham-Isaac added to that the director Ryan’s interest in the ways that Hindus worship their god; one of the best Thriller Short Films, The offering was born into the world as a gift. The offering is an American thriller short film about survival directed by Ryan Patch,, released in 2013. Excellently utilizing the dim lit snowy lighting, Ryan has created a film that provides the ultimate experience of a true thriller. The films start off as, an old truck drives into the Deep night, With two men arranging things in a cornucopia, only to realize there is one thing that they missed out, and at the same time, the clock’s ticking, What is to dawn upon them now? The offering instills on us a sense of anticipation and tension, effortlessly terrifying anyone that is watching it. An absolute recommend!

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4. The Girlfriend Game

A young couple goes into a bar and takes part in a twisted game that requires you to role-play. Soon things turn into a nightmarish scene after which the game develops into something else revealing their relationship’s true nature.  Directed by Armen Antrani, The Girlfriend Game is an erotic thriller short film that runs for 15 minutes and is bound to leave an impact. With a highly attractive cast, this short film in its entirety is twisted and creepy, which is why you need to watch it.

5. Madre

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, the writer and the director of Madre, a 2017 film based in Spain, brings out the story of every mother’s nightmare. The film kicks off on a long serene beach that looks almost romantic, as waves hit the shore with peaceful rhythms, however, what you don’t know is that this film is about to swindle you. Building up the thrilling components of the film gradually, Rodrigo has done an excellent job. Martha receives a call from her son, who is far away from her with his dad and further goes on to say that he is stranded on a beach with his phone dying. A thriller with the most intense and emotionally shattering ending, Madre tops our list of best thriller short films.

6. The Herd

How to educate the common people about gruesome things that go down in the animal factories? Easy! Make a film on it! And not just any film, but a short film so that it gets into people’s hands and gadgets easily. A 21-minute long thriller short film written by Ed Pope and directed by Melanie Light and, The Herd, is an excellent short film with a deep message for the world. In this film, women are depicted as hostages in a dark, hopeless prison-like place. The women are flawlessly portrayed as a metaphor to animals and how we treat them in farms depicted in the film with violence. Openly promoting veganism, this short film puts forward an important message via terrifying visuals and cinematography. Truly what modern century best thriller short films must be like.

7.  Little Flavor

No matter what you do, you absolutely need to watch this film! Why? Well, because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it! Just kidding but on a side note, yes, he has delivered one of the finest character acting from the history of Benedict’s fine acting. A really well-done student film, Little Flavor revolves around two men, who meet and one asks another for a favor to look after his girl child. Things unfold further into the film, things I would rather not say to save the spoilers, better yet you watch it.

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8. How to be alone

Part psychological and part thriller, released in 2019, “How to be alone” was written by Kate Trefry who was also the writer of Stranger things Lead cast played by  Joe Keery and Maika Monroe, two beautiful people portray a lovely married couple. This short film introduces mental illness in a different light. It educates us by showing us how truly anxiety takes form in a person, mostly during the darkest hours when no is available to simply just be there and make the person feel less alone. With an absolutely mesmerizing narrative that grabs your attention, this short is simply one of the best thriller short films out there.

9. Saw

You know how dreadful this movie is just by reading the title. The short film Saw tells the tale of an attendant in a hospital who got kidnapped and was further forced into playing a game to stay alive. From Director James Wan and the Writer Leigh Whannell, the short film Saw was released in 2003 and was an absolute game-changer for the films belonging to this genre. The short film acted as a prequel or a short adaptation of what later came to be known as the full-length feature film Saw.

10. Madame Tutli-Putli

The title displaying the lead character’s name Madame Tutli-Putli is a 2007 animated short thriller film. Directed by Chris Lavis, this short film portrays the story of Madame Tutli-Putli who out of desperation leaves her home and sets off on a journey elsewhere, although it doesn’t look like she has any specific destination. She is portrayed as a woman of immense emotional baggage and someone who has gone through a lot of sufferings that has led her up to this very instance, which is depicted in the opening scene. One of the best-animated shorts to be made, Madame Tutli-Putli, has won 12 awards from various film festivals, not to forget the 5 Oscar nominations this short film achieved.

We have now come to the end of our rather informative list of best thriller short films that are out there. All these short films are readily available online; all you need to do is type and search for it. With least efforts, you will find it, and similarly, you will find these short films worth your time. Enjoy!

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