Tim Rozon: 7 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Dark, dense bearded man with a mesmerizing color of the eye who has also captured hearts of several Canadian television viewers. Tim Rozon is the man we are talking about and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the article. Think you know Canadian television well? If that’s the case, then you also know about Tim’s involvement in several films and television shows. Some of his top-grossing films include End of the Line, Screamers: The Hunting, The Legend of Sarila, Territories, Production Office and so on. One might also notice Tim on his perfect execution of character on television roles such as Schitt’s Creek, Being Human, Lost Girl, Instant Star, Wild Roses, Flashpoint, and others. We have all fall in love with Tim’s character Tommy Quincy in the teen drama Instant Star that aired on CTV. He played this role for recurring four seasons. However, not much detail is shared by the actor himself on the several aspects of his life. Which is exactly why we are set out on an endeavor to fish out every little detail we can to further serve you with most insightful facts about the actor for this article.

Take a read on what we have gathered down below regarding the Canadian actor Tim Rozon.

1. Birthday

To every person on this earth, their birthdays are the dearest date to them. It is a cause of celebration for a reason across the globe. Such goes for the birthday belonging to Tim Rozon. The Canadian actor was born on 4th June 1976 which makes him 43 years as of 2019. He was born in the city of Montreal, located in Quebec, which is one of the most prosperous cities in Canada. He was raised in his familiar neighborhood located in Montreal where he continues to reside in.

2. Career

Like most actors, Tim Rozon didn’t start out big either, the first few roles he was engaged in were primarily minor supporting roles. Tom Rozon’s first mentioned role was to support Mira Sorvino throughout the 2000 A&E movie The Great Gatsby. His considerable boost in his career started off in 2004 when he played the part of Tommy Quincy in the CTV or TeenNick teen series Instant Star, a role he played for four seasons.  On 2018, Tim Rozon along with the cast of Wynonna Earp, accepted their long waited title for Best Science fiction show awarded by the People’s Choice Awards. It doesn’t, however, end there. The show was then awarded as a write-in the candidate owing to the fandom exhibit referred to as “Earpers.”

3. What is Tim Rozon a fan of?

This one fact could be a little peculiar to most but for someone who vibes like Tim knows what his hype is al about. Shamelessly, in fact, Tim Rozon has admitted to being a huge dedicated fan of comic books, not just one specific kind either. Tim supposedly has a beautiful collection of comic books that are simply bound to impress. From this particular circumstance, we can learn a thing or two about life. It’s wonderful how a grown adult isn’t embarrassed to acknowledge that he loves his comic books and also has a rather remarkable collection. A lot of individuals would look at this kind of thing with looks of suspicion but honestly if you have something and you further enjoy it well enough to collect several types if it then it shouldn’t matter to anyone if people believe you’re strange. Well, its time to embrace it. After all its 2019 and ain’t nobody got time for all the hate and unnecessary judgments.

4. Why Tim’s character, Mutt Schitt, has gone missing?

If you have been following the show Schitt’s Creek for a while, then you also would have noticed the fact that this thickly bearded character named Mutt which is played by Tim Rozon has gone missing in action on the show. Mutt was more like a hippie who enjoyed living in a barn and took an immense interest in composting. But then all of a sudden, soon after his connection with Tennessee, Mutt vanished from the show permanently with no signs of returning yet.  The last thing we saw was Mutt requesting Alexis to look after his barn after scheduling a night trip with Tennessee to scavenge for pine cones. This could have been linked to the reality that Rozon had been assigned to a role on tv series Wynonna Earp. There was merely any moment for Rozon to feature on both shows. It would also clear as to why his successive performances continued to be guest spots, needing significantly less time to shoot.

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5. His restaurant in Montreal

In addition to his successful profession as an actor, Tim also possesses Le Garde Manger and Le Bremner restaurants in Montreal. He’s the co-founder with a friend, but even so, it has to be great to have your very own business and to recognize that you will have something to rely on for if acting is not always paying bills. Plus, on the higher note, it might even be excellent publicity for the restaurant to publicize that it’s simply owned by a celebrity actor.

6. Writing professionally

It seems that Tim is not content with being just an actor and a successful entrepreneur. He intends to broaden his possibilities by using his knowledge and presenting his wisdom to the world, if not his fans  In addition to being an actor and an accomplished restaurant owner, Tim has also featured a frequent indulgence in poetry. Tim and Beau Smith lately released a graphic novel named “Wynonna: Bad Day at Black Rock” sometime during the year 2018.

7. Rumors and controversies

It is often seen that celebrities often are labeled by the media to be mildly gay or lesbian if they aren’t seen in romantic relationships for long. Such was the case for Tim Rozon when he was too once entitled gay in a profound rumor that went around. But obviously, the dashing young lad ruled out the entire rumor by going public with his happily married wife, Linzey. We don’t know what her real name might be, but Linzey is the lucky woman’s Instagram name. The couple exchanged vows on 6th September 2015 and still remains to be together. So condolences to those guys who thought they had a chance with Tim Rozon as he is clearly straight by choice. He has been dating his now-wife since 2012; we wonder how did the media never find that out before spreading irrelevant rumors.

Those were our seven insightful facts about this handsome Canadian actor who goes by the name of Tim Rozon and is officially addressed as Timothy James Rozon. Not only is Tim a successful actor, but he is also a man with a past in modeling and a bright future as an entrepreneur and a writer. Bet you didn’t see that coming from a mere actor who is much more than what he appears to be.

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