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10 Upcoming Horror Movies of 2020 that are Scary as Hell!

Do you remember -“A Quiet Place,” “Hereditary,” “The Nun,” and “Halloween”? All the box office hits for horror movies. 2018 has been a fantastic year, to begin with for people loving this genre. Quite unusual names add to the list of many favorites. Will 2019 be the same? Well, that is something to think and question about. 2019 has to set its boundaries straight to focus on developing and releasing more box office hits through the upcoming horror movies. The stories need to be enticing and provocative to a great extent to overshadow the ones from 2018. Hence, this is a must-read for you if you are a horror movie freak. The list goes down on sorting upcoming horror movies which might be your next favorite. We cannot positively say whether these will be like those of last year!

List of Upcoming Horror Movies

#1. Annabelle 3

It is supposed to be scarier than the previous two installments- Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle: Creation (2017) as the storyline suggests. The third one is named “Annabelle Comes Home,” which is expected to release in July of 2019. The scary possessed doll Annabelle’s next target turns out to be Ed and Lorraine’s young daughter. Well, you remember Ed and Lorraine Warren- the paranormal investigators. To stop the evil activities of this wretched doll, these paranormal investigators lock her up in the artifacts room in their house. As spookier as it sounds, Annabelle awakens all the spirits in the room she is locked in and creates havoc again targeting the 10-year old daughter of the couple. Targeting the family of the investigators themselves! Sounds pretty scary and exciting at the same time. So might turn out to be one of the best upcoming horror movies of 2019.

#2. It Chapter 2

The master of horror write-ups, Stephen King’s “It” couldn’t be compiled and completed within one movie. Hence the next sequel will be launched right in this year, expectedly around September. The first movie of this book focused mainly on the characters as children and grossed an amount of $700 million. And now, we are all looking up to the second movie which will be focusing on the characters as adults. Pennywise, the evil clown, returns after 27 years to create havoc to the members of the Losers’ Club.

#3. Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark

This movie is an adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’ book series focusing on the mysterious passing away of many people and a group of teens trying to find out the reason behind it. Bellows family is also a primary focus and the mansion. Sarah Bellows is a young girl who creates a series of scary stories from her own mysterious and tormented life. As a group of teens comes in front of Sarah’s spooky home, all the other mysteries and dark stories turn to come out and make the overall setup scary. This might be something to add up to your bucket list of upcoming horror movies with its release being expected in August.

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#4. In the Tall Grass

This is another upcoming horror movie to settle down with Stephen King and Joe Hill’s book of the same name. An inventive horror director, Vincenzo Natali, shoots for stories which incorporate Cube and Splice. Having him handle a tale composed by creator Joe Hill and his acclaimed dad Stephen King sounds like a blessing from heaven for us horror movie fans. The story is about a brother or sister, who is stranded on a tall, large field to look upon and for a child whose voice or scream they hear. This movie will also be released sometime around August.

#5. New Mutants

This is yet another fascination in the list of upcoming horror movies which tops the list of favorites. The film covers certain things which tell us about our taste. It had to go through 18 months of reshoot to make it perfect and give a spooky feeling. The story centers around five young mutants who discover their ability and fight for hiding from their past sins and stories.

#6. Crawl

The expected release date of this movie is mid of July. At the point when a monstrous sea tempest hits her Florida town, youthful Haley disregards the departure requests to look for her missing dad, Dave. In the wake of discovering him who is gravely harmed in their family home, both of them become caught by the quickly infringing floodwaters. With the tempest reinforcing, Haley and Dave find a much more prominent risk than the rising water level – a constant assault from a pack of huge alligators. Sounds more like an adventure story but it is spooky as well.

#7. Brahms: The Boy II

This is a sequel of “The Boy” from 2016 which was certainly not a hit and focused on the narrative of a young lady procured to be a babysitter, to understand she’s watching out for an actual existence estimated doll with dreadful abilities. The second movie will focus on the story of a youthful family who moves to the Heelshire’s living arrangement. Everything turns spooky and fear strikes when a kid from the family finds a doll considered Brahms that has all the earmarks of being frightfully human.

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#8. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

Despite those little promotions and all, “47 Meters Down”, released in the summer of 2017, was a huge success. The previous shark-attack thriller says one of the characters might not return to the second phase of the movie, which is renamed as “47 Meters Down: Uncaged”. This time the story focuses on the tale of five teenagers making a plunge into a destroyed submerged city, which rapidly winds up in a watery hellfire as their experience goes to awfulness when they learn they are not the only one in the submerged caverns. As they swim further into the claustrophobic maze of caverns they enter the domain of the deadliest shark species in the sea. As spookier as it sounds, this might be one of the best upcoming horror movies to wait for!

#9. Ready or Not

This upcoming horror movie is centered on a girl, Grace, who is more than happy to get married to her dream-man in his luxurious estate, but she faces the challenge of dealing with her in-laws. She has to go on hiding from midnight till dawn to save her life from her in-laws who are after her with some deadly weapons like guns and crossbows. The expected release date of this movie is August of this year.

#10. Escape Room

Escape rooms have moved toward becoming something of a marvel in the course of recent years. You pay cash to get locked inside a room. Then you are given an hour to pursue pieces of information covered up inside that space to get out. The appropriately titled Escape Room puts a frightfulness turn on the thought, having six outsiders attempt to discover out of one loaded up with dangerous booby traps. On the off chance that you’ve seen the trailer, you realize how spooky it looks.

The list tends to be never-ending for upcoming horror movies, yet these are some worth watching “probably” as the trailer and previous sequels suggest. Hopefully, 2019 won’t disappoint us much!

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