Venom Post Credit Scene Explained (All You Need to Know)

Horrendous grimy and gruesome, Marvel checks it all with its 2018 superhero film, Venom. Venom isn’t just any superhero movie; it is more inclined towards villainism, something we rarely see in Hollywood. Although the superhero slash villain Venom isn’t any way affiliated with other Marvel films, the Venom Post credit Scene is still of such quality and valor like any other Marvel end credits. Speaking of which, before we get into the actual high-level Venom Post credit Scene discussion and dissection, let’s get a few things out of the way about Venom. Consider it as a sort of closure since well 2018 was long ago right?

You all remember Eddie Brock and the life foundation and the icky symbiote venom clear enough for me to skip that bit, because I assumed you know, only because it’s a prerequisite to this article itself. Anyway, moving on Marvel has a long history with these sorts of Symbiotes, so to say that it’s a new concept would be a disdain. To be reasonably precise with my point, I only refer to the Marvel comics which are voluptuous in their content. The Movies aren’t even half or better enough three-fourths of what we are served in the marvel comics. In the Spider-Man comics precisely speaking about #252, Venom got its first debut as a small scale character associated with Peter Parker that no one thought would one day have a standalone film. According to the comic and the movie obviously, symbiotes are creatures that host and bond on humans which enable them to shapeshift. The supervillain Knull is claimed to be the inventor of these symbiotes until his creations turned back on him and took his body hostage for establishing cosmos agents. Some of these symbiotes go corrupt due to its bonding with unworthy hosts.

Some more mind blowing history that I can’t miss out on about Venom is that this symbiote first bonded with Deadpool in the Battleworld before bonding to Eddie. Deadpool further rejected these symbiotes entirely for better or worse. And then the symbiotes went on to bond with Spider-Man due to his preexisting super sleek powers and abilities of everything spider. If Venom’s symbiote ever did relationship with Peter Parker, then the possibilities of cool features would be endless, like imagine an organic living spider web? But all that is already fantasy because these symbiotes were identified as alien parasite due to which organic webbing isn’t a thing for now. When spider man delivered the symbiote to our lady of saints church after learning about its sensitivity to sound, following a series of misfortunate or fortunate events Eddie Brock evolved into the first anti-hero Venom owing to his hatred towards Spider Man.

Now moving on to the Venom Post credit Scene that we were supposed to be highlighted in this article way earlier but guess what better late than never. Am I right? So following Marvel’s latest trend of adding two post credits scene to most Marvel films, this one is no different. Venom has two post credit scene one of which acts as a cliffhanger of the first movie which is supposedly to be completed on the next Venom installment and the other unrelated to VVenom but more related to Spider Man’s upcoming animated film. The separate venom post credit scene isn’t the focus for now. What’s more intriguing is the new villain that will most likely be featured on the next venom movie. The new villain looks recognizable to us from somewhere.

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Marvel’s post credit scenes are the most famous ones of the kind. Especially the one like Venom Post Credit scene. In this scene, Tom Hardy is still the cast for Eddie Brock (phew), and he is seen in his habitual form as a Journalist. He is on a visit to the prison for an exclusive interview featuring a sensitive case. He is then seen to be in his hunt to interview Kasady, a fictional super villain who is played by Woody Harrelson. Kasady first made his debut on The Amazing Spider Man comics and became most well known for it. He was the first host of the Carnage symbiote, which is why he must be featured on Venom without any hesitations. So in the scene, being the evil and wicked person Kasady is, has committed a gory detail that already made me hate him. His work of art I must say read “Welcome Eddie” with blood all over the wall in his cell. Not only is this threatening enough, it gets more intense when he reveals to Eddie that if Kasady ever escapes, which is highly likely, but there is also going to be a return of Carnage. So natural that isn’t much exhilarating to a typical audience other than the fact that the next Venom movie is going to revolve around Kasady, of whom most of us have a little knowledge of to unveil this post credit scene properly.

Well, in the comics Carnage is actually an offspring of Venom. But in the cell, when Venom bonds with Brock, there is also Kasady who was left behind and later on hindsight, Carnage bonded with Kasady. As Kasady himself is an immoral character of pure vicious instincts, his symbiote Carnage takes up a killer form of the symbiote that is entirely contradictory to Venom who is more of a more aloof and an ethical super villain. The main focus of the movie was however on Venom as the directors want to portray him as never seen before anti-hero because that’s what the fans especially love him for.

The Venom Post Credit Scene opens up an idea that there is an existence of several thousand and more entities of Symbiotes in their planet of which we only saw two primarily. The fans are left with a cliffhanger of what is to come between the anti hero and the foe that is Venom and Carnage in the next Venom Movie. For now, it is safe to ultimately assume that Venom will receive its sequel, the plot of which is revealed ever so slightly in the Venom Post Credit Scene. 

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