When They See Us Episode 3: Part Three

As time passes forward, When They See Us shows the Central Park Five’s journey while facing imprisonment, and what life would come to be following their release.

When They See Us is a limited series which has four-part, because of that, the story has to walk along to touch all parts of this tragic incident. After being wrongfully sentenced, each of the Central Park Five faced imprisonment. Four of them were in Juvie. And one of them was on Rikers Island. It’s very frustrating to see how the punishments were doled out. Especially for the one who was not in Juvie with the rest of them. He was the kid that was the least involved in anything from that night.

When They See Us Episode 3 comes back with an update on how Raymond’s family are adjusting with the situation. The situation has brought a strain on their relationship. Antron is also having trouble managing and has regular nightmares in the juvenile center. We then jump to the future where we see Antron as an adult. He is walking out of jail as a free man. We also find out that his Dad has left. However, he returns a couple of years ago. He was very sick. But Antron hasn’t forgiven him because he is the one who left them.

Raymond is also out of jail and has an emotional reunion with his Dad. We pass the better half of the third episode of When They See Us following Raymond Santana. The episode forces time forward. The episode eventually takes us to the time where the five suspects are now adults. And the first of them to get out is Raymond who returns home to meet his Father’s new family and wife. It’s not exactly the welcome he had been hoping for, but as I said, life had moved on without him. Getting out of prison has its perks, but it also comes with the unfortunate reality that your conviction never stops looming over you like a dark cloud. And that is exactly what we see with Raymond. He needs to find a job, he needs to register as a sex offender, and he has to stay on the straight and narrow to prevent himself from heading right back to jail. The episode focuses a lot on what each kid’s journey was during their time in prison, and how it impacted so many aspects of their lives. Their families were put through the wringer financially, physically, and emotionally, and like it or not, and everyone had to move on in their way. The world didn’t halt because of wrongful convictions. This is an ugly truth that Ava DuVernay doesn’t shy away from shedding light on.

Back in 1990, the mothers of Korey, Yousef, and Kevin meet to discuss their sons. Korey is having a difficult time in most of the jail because he is only 16 then.

Now, we see the boys are trying to cope up with their regular lives after being in jail for a long period. Raymond is facing problem looking for a job. Moreover, he doesn’t feel welcome in his home. He ends up having a confrontation with his new stepmom, who calls him a rapist. He later meets with Tanya who used to write to him in prison, however, when his stepmom walks in the house, she gets angry and throws her out. As his arc develops and forms, we experience him to join with a lady he met through letters while in prison. Both of them eventually have a relationship. Raymond’s require to take care of himself, and his boo becomes an issue when he starts to sell drugs to make money. Later on, he’s caught red-handed and took back behind the prison. We can’t tell you how frustrated we felt at that moment!

Yusef would like to go to school again as he wants to be a teacher. However, he will not be able to because he is a convicted felon. At that time, Antron is going out with a girl named Adele.  Adele is not happy that he never wants to take her out. Instead, he goes back home to find his Father becoming sicker and emotionally reconnects with him, a faint glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak episode.

Raymond and Tanya begin to grow closer. However, he loses his job just before they were about to shift in together. Feeling that he has no option, he meets with a gang and asks to be their partner in selling drugs. Yusef and Kevin later meet. That is the time when we get to know that Yusef is married now. Antron has shifted to Baltimore and talk about getting married, but they don’t know what is happening with Korey. The episode ends again with Raymond being caught and put back in jail.

When They See Us episode 3 mainly emphasizes on the result of the trial, their lives behind prisons, and how they cope up with their life after jail. Although the third episode seems a bit slower compared to the first two episodes. It’s a hard reminder of just how tough these boys have it, with the weight of the case hanging heavy over their lives. It’s a deep look at how difficult life is for convicted felons, especially for those who were wrongfully blamed.

There are also some questions which left unanswered. As during When They See Us episode 3, it’s hinted that Korey is still in prison. He had the worst time out of the other Five because he was the only one not a minor when they were arrested. We think it will be fascinating to experience what the final episode will deliver and if it will finish up this mini-series fully, perhaps showing what they are all doing now.

When They See Us episode 3 focuses on the rest of the boys that get out as well but display a better ending for the rest of them as they try to continue forward with their lives. It’s unfortunate, and it’s difficult, but they’re trying to get close to their families, start their normal lives over, and do what they can despite the circumstances.

And now, we head to the final installment of the limited series—perhaps, the most emotionally draining of them all.

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