Whitney Scott Mathers: 5 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Whitney Scott Mathers, Eminem’s other daughter, was born on 16th April 2002. She is known as the biological daughter of Eminem. Her birthplace is St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America. Like Alaina Marie Mathers, she is not actually the biological daughter of Eminem. His mother is Kimberly Anne Scott. Like Alaina Marie Mathers, she was adopted when her actual father Eric Hartter left the family. The truth is, her father was involved in criminal activities. Eric Hartter was a professional tattoo artist, but he was sent to jail afterward. Thus, Whitney’s family was shattered to pieces.

Then, Kimberly gave birth to her daughter, Whitney. Kim was having an affair with Eric. Therefore she cheated on Eminem. Soon they parted ways. Meanwhile, Kim became a drug addict.

1.Early Life                   

Whitney Marie Mathers had a troubled past due to their parents’ separation. Her mother is a drug addict while her father is a criminal. Since her parents were not well off themselves to raise a child, Eminem adopted her too. She is fortunate to have a guardian like Eminem to guide he rin her life.

Like Alaina, Eminem has always been known as a devoted father to all his daughters. Eminem always ensured that his daughters feel comfortable together even after his separation with his wife.

Eminem is a famous rapper of the current generation. He is known for his realistic lyrics and fantastic rap.  The Rap God often speaks about his daughters in the lyrics of his famous songs. Although he is a private person, he never fails to express his love for his children through his songs.

Whitney Scott Mathers now lives with Eminem. His other daughters also live with them in the USA. She has Grandmother Deborah R. Nelson Mathers and grandfather Marshall Bruce Mathers. Luckily, she also has to grandparents Marie Hartter and Kathleen Sluck.

Whitney Scott Mathers is reported to be 17 years old. Being a teenager, she is currently at high school. She is a bright student and tries to focus on studies.  Since Whitney had such a rich father, she received several offers in her teenage years. She denied the options smoothly walked out to concentrate on studies at home. Although  Eminem allowed her to follow her enthusiasm for songs, Whitney has an excellent voice when you happen to hear her. She nurtures her skills, and she manages to impress the audience with her voice. It can be assumed that she is still learning; we cannot expect a hit from an amateur. She is obsessed with her music. Alas, the attempt was more than enough to make the whole singing phase worth a while for Whitney and her dedicated fans. Talking about her voice, we would also like to add that Whitney has done a few voices acting roles in animated movies.

 Eminem tries to keep his daughters from the limelight so that they can stay away from rumors and controversies.

2.Social Media Life

Whitney Scott Mathers is just a teenager, so she never claimed to have any romantic connections with anyone. She never had any romantic relationships with anyone previously. Unlike many celebrity children, Eminem raised his daughter differently. Like Eminem, Whitney Scott Mathers is a quite close and private person. She does not believe in sharing her personal life with the public. Whitney Scott Mathers might be seeing someone in a privately when the appropriate time comes.

However, she is active on her social media profiles. Whitney Scott Mathers has massive followers on the popular social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her Facebook has 1.5k followers, whereas there are 89.6k followers on Instagram.

Since Whitney Scott Mathers is still a teenager, we do not know much about her career choices. As we said earlier, Whitney Scott Mathers wants to focus on her academics before starting her career. However, we do not know if she is interested in music. She might as well pursue her career in music like her father.

3.Personal Life

Whitney honors her dad’s decision of keeping thing private and confident

ial. Due to personal reasons, however, Whitney is raised in the city with her other siblings. Eminem explained in an interview hosted by a poplar Newspaper how he felt at various stages of his life while rising the children. During the time there, Whitney grew a growing interest and passion for music and singing.  With Eminem’s guidance support, she was able to hone her skills on the song further.

Nevertheless, she is willing to settle with someone when she is ready. There is a complex emotion of anger or grief, trying hard to grasp on to for her. By nature, Whitney is a humorous person.

Since Whitney has talents in singing, she received several offers early on her life. This might sound a lucrative idea. She is focused on completing her education for better learning. During her time in school, she got the opportunity to build on raw expertise from works that were a part of school activities.

 4.Present Life

After being so popular, both Eminem and Whitney have managed to keep her personal life away from the limelight. There is almost no information regarding their own life right now.

5.Net Worth

When it comes to her income, Whitney has miles to go. She is still a teenager at high school. Obviously, we are not concerned about her salary. She is yet to reach the peak of her career. Eminem, as a rapper makes millions. With time to come, he shall be worth some more millions.

These are more interesting facts about Whitney. She has set an example for countless girls around the world where Whitney Scott Mather

s is a role model for bravery. Her struggles as a chile are genuinely inspiring. Miracles happen at every stage of life, so one must believe in miracles.

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