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10 Best Wolverine Action Figures to Buy in 2020!


Yes, we are talking about Wolverine who was born as James Howlett in northern Alberta, Canada, during the late 1880s, purportedly to wealthy farm owners John and Elizabeth Howlett, though he is the son of the Howletts’ groundskeeper, Thomas Logan. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, reliable regenerative power known as a healing factor, and three retractable claws in both hands.

The nails are part of his base mutation, as was seen when the Adamantium was ripped from his skeleton by Magneto. This specialty makes him popular among the Marvel fans. Wolverine is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and an iconic member of the X-Men.  Also, as of now, Wolverine is gone, and the crazy wolverine fans can cherish his memory by the Wolverine action figure. So we created a list of best Wolverine action figure.

#1. Marvel Legends Wolverine 12 Inch Action Figure

This figure has advanced articulation for such a large scale, and premium accessories with premium, comic-inspired design across 30-plus points of articulation, this 12-inch Marvel Legends Series Wolverine figure is an excellent addition to the Marvel Legends Series. Figure features classic blue and yellow suit design and includes interchangeable hands for clawed (popped) and clawless (unpopped) display, as well as two alternate heads. Moreover, this figure also consists of a masked, and battle damaged alternate head as well as two battle damaged shoulder pad accessories. When combined, fans can create a campaign damaged profile of Wolverine for the ultimate action-oriented display. Swap out included alternate heads and alternate hands for different figural representations of the enduringly iconic, clawed hero, Wolverine. That is why Marvel Legends Wolverine 12 Inch Action Figure goes in the list of best Wolverine action figure.

#2. Marvel Wolverine Action Figure

It will be a significant figure if you like the Old Man Logan Wolverine. The claws are removable. You can make him pose in a variety of ways, and he maintains his balance. The jacket is a soft material, which helps it not get in the way when posing the character. The head has a pretty good amount of articulation, which is nice so you can have him looking in various directions in several poses. With tons of powers of strength and healing, Wolverine reveals his retractable claws and uses them to slash down opponents. This six-inch Wolverine figure is highly articulated and features a comic-inspired design, making it another epic addition to the Marvel Legends Series. On the other hand, the only issue you can face is it has a lack of accessories. However, if you are not an accessories freak, then this beautifully designed action figure can be the best choice for you. So we put this in the list of best Wolverine action figure.

#3. Marvel X-Men 6-inch Legends Series Wolverine

If you are a big fan of 90s X-Man, then this figure is for you. There have been countless versions of this version of Wolverine, and this is one of the best. It has excellent articulation and poses well. The paint job is unique. It comes with an alternate set of hands with the claws retracted, and a set of hoses for build a figure Apocalypse. Its razor-sharp claws and an incredible accelerated healing ability make Wolverine a nearly unstoppable threat. Best Wolverine action figure cannot be completed without this.

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#4. Marvel Retro 6-inch Collection Wolverine Figure

This figure is retro inspired. Longtime Marvel Legends collectors will surely remember the Series 6 Wolverine with a level a fondness, but I think it’s very fair to say that the Juggernaut series Wolverine was a significant improvement. As much as I loved that figure, this figure is even better. The mold is fantastic, and it is evident that is was explicitly made for Wolverine. The fearsome fighter is slashing through the pages of Marvel comics with this six-inch scale Wolverine vintage figure, including iconic and extraordinary claws accessory. It is a tribute to the history of Marvel Super Heroes, the Marvel Retro six-inch Collection features core Marvel characters with retro packaging, design, and representation. Each figure includes various points of articulation, classic-inspired details, and two character-specific accessories.

#5. Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Wolverine and Motorcycle

This comic-inspired 6-inch-scale Wolverine is not alone. Surprised! Yes, it has a stylish, dashing motorcycle as well. This highly articulated Wolverine figure comes with detailed design. You can’t know how well done the Wolverine figure is until you get it in hand. Every detail is on his jeans, and the bike is gorgeous… It is fantastic for a mass market retail toy.

#6. Jada Toys 97902 Metals Marvel 4″ Classic Figure – Wolverine (M138) Toy Figure, 4″

Do you like small, cute action figure? If the answer is “Yes,” then this figure is a perfect choice for you. Imagine one of the angriest marvel characters comes in such a small size. This dashing die-cast figure stands 4 inches tall and weighs in at half a pound! Collect them all to assemble your hero team because the weight of the world is in your hands!

#7. Mezco Toys One: 12 Collective: Marvel Wolverine Action Figure

Want a full package? For those, this figure comes with a shadowy past the X-Men member called as Wolverine was a fighter, mercenary and part of the mysterious weapon x program. The Wolverine one: twelve collective exclusive figure represents a newly organized structure accurately depicting the characters physical build, two newly developed head portraits, over thirty points of articulation, and hand painted raw detailing! Wolverine stands over 6 inches tall and comes with six pairs of interchangeable palms including clawed fists, a sword holding hand, a fist, and a couple of holding hands. This perfect figure is a mandatory item of best Wolverine action figure.

#8. Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Wolverine 2 Action Figure

This Wolverine is! He has like two extra heads that have different facial expressions and two extra hands as well! The detail is great. A solid 7 inches figure. You will be provided with two additional replaceable heads, two extra hands with claws and two extra hands to hold a sword (which is also included).

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#9. Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Wolverine Figure

Light up your mash-ups with this fantastic electronic Wolverine figure. He looks just like the mutant superhero, with an extending claw. However, you can give your hero even more fantastic weaponry for the war against the bad! His gear works with other Super Hero Mashers figures, and their equipment works with him.

#10. Marvel Legends Series 3.75-in Wolverine

A girlish action figure of Wolverine goes with the girl. Wolverine slashes evil with her razor-sharp claws, and with powers of regeneration, recovers quickly to fight again. With Marvel Legends Series 3.75-inch figures, kids and collectors alike can imagine their favorite heroes and villains preparing for epic battles. This 3.75-inch Wolverine figure features classic design and styling, as well as premium articulation. With the Marvel Legends Series, heroes and villains aren’t just super – they’re legendary.

Wolverine is an iconic Marvel hero. So, different companies tried to make the action figure of Wolverine with their imagination. The best possible action will attract the customers and make them happy by the service. Hopefully, the information will help you if you to choose when you want to buy an action figure of Wolverine.

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