10 Best Wonder Woman Action Figures to Buy in 2020!

Once there was a princess of the Amazons name Diana. She was trained to be an unbeatable fighter. As Diana raises on an island paradise, she meets an American pilot named Chris Pine. Chris Pine tells her about the huge clash that’s raging in the outside world. She was convinced that she can stop the threat. And then, Diana leaves her place for the first time.

Fighting alongside men in a war to stop all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny. As a result of her power, the Amazon princess Diana sets out to stop World War I, believing the longtime enemy of the Amazons started the conflict. This specialty makes her popular among the DC Comics fans. So, for the crazy fans of Wonder Woman, we created a list of best Wonder Woman action figure.

List of Wonder Woman Action Figure

#1. DC Justice League Wonder Armor Action Figure, 12″

This dynamic, highly detailed 12″ deluxe Justice League figure lets fans recreate new movie action! With iconic, film-inspired styling, updated power suit, and 11 points of articulation, you can recreate authentic battles and poses. The detail is excellent for its price and can take a beating by toddlers. This action figure is exceptionally durable. So, we include this in the list of best Wonder Woman action figure.

#2. Battle-ready Wonder Woman Doll

You can celebrate Wonder Woman and her new movie with this highly collectible, 12″ true to scale deluxe fashion figure. She is stunning and powerful in her iconic warrior outfit with signature boots, headdress, upper armband, lower arm cuffs, gold belt, and Lasso of Truth. With richly authentic details, and poseable arms and legs, she is perfect for display and action play. You can also choose Diana Prince in her elegant blue evening gown with pulled-back hair and a concealed sword. These unique fashion action figures make excellent additions to your collection. Diana’s clothes are tight so her legs can’t come out very far. I took a picture to show how far her legs can move with the dress. The boots come off on both dolls. This action figure has a well-made dress. However, wonder woman’s dress is super thin and will most likely tear easily. Diana comes with a sword and wonders woman comes with a lasso. However, each doll can use the rope and sword and the boots. Wonder woman’s belt does ride up and does not stay in place, and her headband is attached by a plastic tag, so if you take it off, there is no putting it back on. Her armbands are made of flimsy bendable plastic.

#3. Mattel DC Justice League True-Moves Series Wonder Woman Figure, 12″

It is a beautiful 12″ figure of Wonder Woman from the Justice League movie. Some of these larger-scale figures can look a little cheap or over-simple in their design, but this one is quite good. The lovely facial sculpts, excellent design work on her outfit and overall this looks like a higher quality figure than the usual 12″. Packaged in a slim window box with graphics from the movie on it. A high figure for a very nice price, perfect for kids or collectors. The list of best Wonder Woman cannot be completed without this.

#4. Justice League Wonder Woman Figure, 6″

This Wonder Woman action figure is a significant upgrade over the BvS version released last year. The paint application, likeness, and sculpt are all substantial updates over the main iteration. This action figure appears to be a basic repaint of the last release. It is necessary if you’re looking to complete the BAF. Though that release came with her shield, making it the optimal purchase if you’re looking to maximize accessories. The character is impressive, and once you have all the parts together, you get a pretty remarkable figure. Looking like he does in the film, it is genuinely excellent owning the villain as a Collect and Connects piece, and it is well worth purchasing each of these figures. When connected, from head to feet, the figure is 8.75 inches tall, if you count the horns, it is about 9.25 inches tall, with her ab crunch and ax accessory. The torso shoulders and head are built in a way that permits you to rotate the head. Plus, because this is a Connect and Collect figure, its design flaw is within how one connects the figure. The legs snap when you plug them, but the arms are a little stiff, and you can tug between the torso and legs, and it will pop off. You can gift this wonder Woman action figure to anyone who loves Wonder Woman.

#5. DC Justice League Wonder Woman Figure, 6″

This face of this figure–the “DC Justice League Wonder Woman Figure, 6”–bears the least resemblance to Gal Gadot of any movie-related WW doll so far, and there is less detail in the painting of boots, skirt, and sword than on the Wonder Woman movie multiverse figure. But at least this figure has both a sword and a shield, unlike the “Mattel Multiverse Justice League Wonder Woman Figure” and the “DC Comics Justice League Wonder Woman Action Figure, 6”  And unlike “Batman v. Superman Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman 6″ Figure,” this current figure can twist at the waist, the head, and has lateral horizontal movement of the arms. In short, if you’re looking for a “collector” 6″ figure but don’t want to a lot of money, then this current figure is the one to get. It’s inexpensive, looks pretty good, has sufficient articulation, and comes with both sword and shield. It is a must item of the list of best Wonder Woman action figure.

#6. DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman 12″ Figure

This is a fantastic figure, a marked improvement over Mattel’s disastrous BVS Wonder Woman action figures. Articulation is limited in the neck and the legs, but the arms are fully articulated with bicep swivels, double-jointed elbows wrist swivels and ball joints at the arm sockets. Also, the waist twist helps make up for the lack of head movement. The head sculpts quite good, and they finally nailed the look of Gadot’s hair. It comes with tons of accessories including another set of hands to hold the coiled lasso and sword. I replaced the lasso with a gold cord just for the sake of versatility. A must buy for any avid Wonder Woman fan.

#7. Wonder Woman Action Figure, DC Comics Multiverse, 6″

Collectors and fans will love this highly detailed 6″ essential character from top-rated DC Comics. The action figure has 15+ points of articulation, complete styling, and includes a bonus piece to connect and collect with the assortment’s figures’ parts and build a Lex Luthor action figure.

#8. Medicom Justice League: Wonder Woman Action Figure

This Justice League Wonder Woman action figure is the best of the trio of WW figures. The joints are tight, the paint apps and sculpts are lovely on both heads, and the height and body shape are more proportional and less lean than previous iterations. It comes with two heads, multiples hands, two lassos, sword and shield, and a mother box. There is still the gapping at the arm sockets, but you can’t see through the figure and by slightly shifting the joint up or back hides the ball peg. Also, to achieve a cross bracelet pose you must gently position the arm joints further back in the shoulder socket since there is no butterfly joint. Overall a great buy that I recommend.

#9. Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman Caped Figure, 6″

This is a good figure of movie Wonder Woman in her cloak. Mattel did so much better with her face than on the Batman v Superman Wonder Woman figure. Likeness still isn’t a perfect match to the beautiful beyond words Gal Gadot, but we would say it’s still perfect considering the scale and price point for what is essentially a toy (yes, an action figure, but not a higher-end collectible action figure where you would expect a spot-on likeness). She includes her lasso and sword, which can be sheathed and Ares pieces. Overall, outstanding quality. Very durable, you could let small children play with her, and she’d be fine (although the sword could be a hazard). Fairly well detailed, paint apps are useful. Even with her cloak, which is not removable, she’s still pretty well poseable. All in all, a good representation of Wonder Woman in her cover from the upcoming movie, definitely a must-have for Wonder Woman fans. This is why we add this in the list of best Wonder Woman action figure.

#10. NECA – Wonder Woman (2017) – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Wonder Woman

Neca captured the beauty and strength of Wonder Woman as portrayed by the actress, Gal Gadot. She looks great in battle. The attention to detail on the hair sculpt just amazing. Great articulation. The shield and sword look great, and the lasso is a bendable wire that should hold the shape of any pose. Be aware that the forearm seems abnormally long to us, the buckles on the boots are not fastened and will likely take some effort to attach correctly, the harness for the lasso cannot be fastened closed well either. All in all, it is a great value, and we would recommend it.

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Wonder Woman is an iconic DC Comics character. So, different companies tried to make the action figure of Wonder Woman with their imagination. The best possible action figure will attract the customers and make them happy by the service. Hopefully, the information will help you if you to choose when you want to buy the best Wonder Woman action figure.

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